What are the features of MS Word?

Now this question must be coming in your mind that what is MS office then? For your information, we are telling you that MS office is also a package developed by Microsoft in which all the software developed by it like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and similar applications are available together. Which you can purchase from the official website of Microsoft.

what is s word

MS word is a word processing software through which we create or edit some documents. The full name of MS word is Microsoft word whose parent company is Microsoft. This is the company that owns Microsoft Word. It was developed by Microsoft company. This is a part of MS office.

History Of Ms Word

MS Word was first developed in the month of October 1983. Microsoft company released its first version (Word 1.0) for MS DOS and Xenix OS which was based on CUI (CHARACTER USER INTERFACE). MS word was developed by Charles Simonyi & Richard Brodie.

Charles Simonyi worked as a primary developer at a company called BRAVA software. He worked on a word processor called ‘multi tool word’. Which was the only GUI processor in the whole world. In 1981, Microsoft hired those two programmers to market its software and in 1983, Microsoft released its first Word Processor, which later became known as Microsoft Word.

In 1983, Microsoft Word first started giving away its software to people for free through a floppy disk along with a magazine called PC World. This is so that people come to know about this product. The first version of Microsoft Word for Microsoft Windows system was released in 1989, which was compactable for Windows 3.0. After this, MS Word started becoming very popular in word processing and later it started being purchased.

Where is Microsoft Word used?

As you know, this is a word processor software. We use it in the field of word processing and it is a lota software which is famous for word processing all over the world. We use it to read, create, edit, formatting and print any type of Word documents. These are mostly used for office work because as you know, digitalization is gradually happening everywhere, so it plays a major role there. Let us know in brief what type of work it is used to accomplish.

  1. Letter writing – Letter writing means writing letters to send to someone through a digital device.
  2. Resume making – This means making one’s own or someone else’s resume. We will talk about this later. We were getting messages from many of our friends to tell us better about it.
  3. Preparation for sending notice (making notice for sending) – Whenever we want to send notice to someone, we can send it digitally through this.
  4. Mail merge – This is a very important tool, through which we are able to produce multiple letters, labels, envelopes, name tags.
  5. Cross Reference- A cross reference in MS Word allows you to insert a hyperlink reference to another location in your document.

User Interface of MS Word

1.Title Bar

This is known as title bar because the title of our files appears here. Whenever you open Microsoft Word, it looks like this by doing document 1,2,3…. This appears because you have not already saved its name. But if you open a file that someone has already sent to you, you will see the name with which it was sent. Apart from that, three buttons are visible on the right side corner of the title bar which are common in every window. They are minimize, maximize and close.

2.Menu Bar

The menu bar shows the menus available in Microsoft Word. Such as file, home, insert, page layout, references, Mailing, review, and views. We also know this by the name of Tab bar. It is located just below the title bar.

3.Quick Access Toolbar

Quick access toolbar means keeping the things that we use mostly in the menu together so that our work becomes easier due to it. Just like when we create a document, we save it, it means that whenever we do some work on Word, we keep it separated so that we do not have to face any inconvenience later. If we see, we use the Save button mostly, so we can make our work even easier by keeping it here.

4.Scroll Bar

Scroll means scrolling. We have explained in details about scrolling in the article What is our mouse? You can check that out too. Word is simultaneously available wherever there is an option to scroll on the computer, all of which are on the right side and bottom of the computer screen. It looks like a rectangle which is faintly visible on the computer screen.

5.Status Bar

This bar appears just below the scroll bar. Many commands are available here like page number, numbers of words, zoom in, zoom out etc. Here there are ‘+’ signs and ‘-‘ signs to zoom in and zoom out of the page.

6.Writing Area

We also know this by the name of text area. This is the part of it where we write some things. This part is the largest part of the word. Initially, when we have not written anything there, it looks like a white paper.

So this was the user interface of MS Word, it means that when the user opens MS Word for the first time, it appears something like this. You can see the picture given above to understand these commands, then you will be able to understand it better.

Features Of Ms Word

Now let us know what are the features of MS word due to which it is very popular among people all over the world in the matter of word processing. It has many features but let us discuss some of them.

  • Front size of text – With its help, we can increase or decrease the size of what we write there.
  • Paragraph Formatting – Through this we can change the alignment of a paragraph.
  • Editing – With the help of Word we can edit any document.
  • Table Creation – It is used to create a special type of table on Word on which we can record any data.
  • page
  • Adding a link – Using some type of anchor text in documents.
  • Making Header and Footer – In this you can add header and footer to the document.
  • Writing text – writing something through keyboard
  • Symbol – adding special key
  • Themes
  • Page Setup
  • Page Background

Which file formats are available in Microsoft Word?

Some types of file formats are supported in MS word. So let’s see which formats they are.

  • .docx – word Document
  • .doc – Word 97-2003 Document
  • .docm – Word Macro-Enabled Document
  • .dot – Word 97-2003 Template
  • .dotm – Word Macro-Enabled Template
  • .dotx – Word Template
  • .mht, .mhtml – Single File Web Page
  • .odt – OpenDocument Text
  • .pdf – PDF
  • .rtf – Rich Text Format
  • .txt – Plain Text
  • .wps – Works 6-9 Document
  • .xml – Word 2003 XML Document
  • .xps – XPS Document

Version History Of Ms Word

Microsoft Word VersionRelease Year
Version 1.01989
Version 1.11990
Version 2.01991
Version 6.01993
Version 971997
Version 981998
Version 20001999
Version 20022001
Version 20032003
Version 20072006
Version 20102010
Version 20132013
Version 20162016
Version 20192018

How To Use Microsoft Word – How To Open It

Now let us talk about how to open MS word or how to use it. To open MS Word, you must have MS office on your PC. Even if you have only MS Word on your PC, there is no problem, you can open it. That is why you will have to buy it on the official website of Microsoft.

First you will have to double click on MS Word wherever it is in your computer. After that it will open automatically and you can do your work. If you are not able to find it on your first screen then you can go to the windows button and find it from there. Otherwise, you can also find it on the search bar on the side of the windows. To use MS Word, it is important to know its user interface. That is why you must read the user interface given above.


Today we saw what MS word is and how its user interface looks, what is its function and about its features. We are bringing a complete series of the same further, which you can read by going to our notes section and selecting categories of MS Word. We have tried to explain it to you in very simple language so that you can get all the information about it clearly and you do not have to go to any other person. If you liked this article then do not forget to share it with your friends and on WhatsApp.

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