What is Cryptocurrency Index? ॥ India’s First Crypto Currency Index

We’re going to discuss what a cryptocurrency index is in this post. How will the Crypto Index operate? What are the advantages that investors stand to gain from its introduction, and what kinds of facilities can they access with its assistance?

Friends, let’s talk about cryptocurrency. It’s a digital money that operates on a totally decentralised basis, which causes significant price fluctuations.

To enable the monitoring of cryptocurrency, the Cryptocurrency Index was introduced in India as well. Friends, this essay has all the information you need to know about all of these topics, so make sure to read it through to the finish for comprehensive knowledge.

An instrument for monitoring and evaluating the performance of a certain subset of cryptocurrencies is a cryptocurrency index. By combining the price movements of its parts, it offers a means of evaluating the general movement and health of the cryptocurrency market.

What is Cryptocurrency Index?

What is Cryptocurrency Index

Friends, the Tickerplant firm has introduced India’s first cryptocurrency index through its app Cryptowire, dubbed (IC15), in light of recent swings in the cryptocurrency market. The performance of the top 15 cryptocurrencies in the world will be tracked and examined using this index.

According to the business, this is the greatest way to monitor the cryptocurrency market since, as of April 1, 2018, the index’s base value was 1000/set, and as of January 1, 2022, its open value was 71463.3 points. Friends, according to the business, this index tracks almost 80% of all cryptocurrency market activity.

An instrument for gauging and monitoring the performance of a particular group of cryptocurrencies is a cryptocurrency index. Similar to conventional financial indices like the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the S&P 500, cryptocurrency indices offer a means of assessing the general state and dynamics of the market.

Investors, traders, and analysts who wish to recognise patterns, make well-informed choices, or compare the performance of their portfolios to the overall market may find these indexes very helpful.

India’s First Cryptocurrency Index Launched

Friends, this cryptocurrency index was established since the global crypto currency industry is expanding quite quickly. This coin index’s primary purpose will be to monitor well-known cryptocurrencies globally in order to assess the state of the market and make the appropriate investment in a cryptocurrency. The IC15 Index’s task will be to assess the current market volatility and inform investors of the true situation.

The purpose of cryptocurrency indexes is to monitor the overall market performance of a collection of cryptocurrencies. Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as minor altcoins may be included in these indices.

How will Cryptocurrency Index work?

The nation’s first cryptocurrency index, the IC15, was introduced by (CryptoWire) in response to the growing interest in cryptocurrencies. It will monitor fifteen major cryptocurrencies globally and, following a comprehensive analysis, inform investors of which cryptocurrency’s price.

Which cryptocurrency’s price is likely to rise and which is likely to fall will indicate to investors which one is best to invest in.

On cryptocurrency exchanges, a large number of coins are available, but only the top 15 will be chosen. The top 15 coins from the first 400 coins chosen in this cryptocurrency selection procedure will be chosen.

How are Constituents Chosen?

Usually, constituents are selected according to predetermined standards, such market capitalization, liquidity, and market significance. Creating a sample that is indicative of the larger bitcoin market is the aim.

How is the Index Calculated?

Though the exact process of computation varies, it usually entails weighing the components according to metrics such as market capitalization. Several weighting schemes are employed by well-known indexes, like the Crypto20 and the Bletchley Index series of Brave New Coin.

What’s the Purpose of a Cryptocurrency Index?

In addition to giving investors a baseline for market performance, cryptocurrency indices facilitate the development of financial instruments like index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Crypto currency included in Index IC15

Friends, if we discuss the currencies that are part of the cryptocurrencies that are part of the IC15 index, there are a total of 15 coins that are listed below.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • XRP
  • Litecoin
  • Cardano
  • Dogecoin
  • Binance Coin
  • Polkadot
  • Chainlink
  • Uniswap
  • Terra
  • Solana
  • Avalanche
  • Shiba Inu

Cryptocurrency Index important facts

● The nation’s first cryptocurrency index, the IC15, was introduced by (CryptoWire) in response to the growing investment in cryptocurrencies.

● Maintaining control over the key cryptocurrencies in use worldwide will be the responsibility of this cryptocurrency index.

● A group of professionals will be assembled to constitute this Cryptocurrency Index committee, which will monitor the whole crypto market.

● There are many currencies accessible on cryptocurrency exchanges, but only the top 15 will be selected.

● The top 15 coins from the first 400 coins chosen in this cryptocurrency selection procedure will be chosen.

● The IC15 Index’s task will be to assess the current market volatility and inform investors of the true situation.

Components and Features of Cryptocurrency

Investors and analysts use cryptocurrency indices as a tool to understand the market’s overall performance, identify trends, and make more informed decisions. It’s important for individuals interested in cryptocurrency indices to be aware of the specific methodology and criteria used by the index they are following.

  1. Constituents:
    • A collection of cryptocurrencies chosen according to predetermined standards makes up cryptocurrency indexes. Market capitalization, liquidity, and other elements that reflect the whole market are typical criteria.
  2. Weighting:
    • The weights assigned to each cryptocurrency in an index are frequently determined by variables like market capitalization. This indicates that the value of the index is more heavily influenced by cryptocurrencies with bigger market capitalizations.
  3. Calculation Methodology:
    • The index value can be computed using a variety of methods. Some popular approaches include price-weighted, equal-weighted, and market capitalization-weighted indexes. Higher market value cryptocurrencies have more sway over market cap-weighted indexes, which are more common..
  4. Diversification:
    • A well-crafted cryptocurrency index strives for diversity such that the movement of one coin does not unduly affect the index’s performance. This aids in reducing investment risk.
  5. Rebalancing:
    • To make sure that cryptocurrency indexes continue to accurately reflect the state of the market, they may occasionally be adjusted. To ensure accuracy, this can entail changing weights, adding or withdrawing cryptocurrency, or making other adjustments.
  6. Use Cases:
    • The functions of cryptocurrency indexes are many. They can serve as market analytical tools, benchmarks for portfolio performance, and sources of information for developing financial products such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and index funds.
  7. Indices Providers:
    • Cryptocurrency indexes are frequently created and maintained by businesses or organisations. These organisations choose the components, establish the weights, and carry out the computation process using their knowledge. CoinDesk, Brave New Coin, and more examples are given.
  8. Types of Indices:
    • The market can be the focus of cryptocurrency indices in a number of ways, including the general market, industry-specific (like NFT or decentralised finance indices), or thematic (like privacy-focused cryptocurrencies)..


Friends, please spread the word about India’s first cryptocurrency index to your social media networks and make sure you’re receiving notifications so you don’t miss any updates.

The presence, specifics, and FAQs for India’s first cryptocurrency index will rely on what happens in the Indian cryptocurrency market following my last update.

I advise confirming with trustworthy financial sources, cryptocurrency exchanges, or the official websites of pertinent index providers in India to get the most accurate and current information.


Which index is better? 

Depending on what you require.A wider selection of international cryptocurrencies are covered by IC15, whereas CRE8 concentrates only on the Indian market.

Can I invest in the index directly? 

The indices are not financial instruments, to be clear.They serve as standards for contrast.

Where can I find the index data?

Information and statistics about their respective indexes are available on the websites of CoinSwitch and CryptoWire.

What is a Cryptocurrency Index?

An index of cryptocurrencies is a benchmark used to monitor the performance of a particular group of cryptocurrencies. It gives investors a broad picture of how the market is moving.

Can I Invest Directly in a Cryptocurrency Index?

No, but you may invest in financial instruments like index funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that follow the performance of a cryptocurrency index.

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