What is IoT and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Hello friends! Today in this post we will discuss what is Internet of Things? We will read about it and will also see its advantages and applications. Read it completely, you will understand it easily. So let’s start:-

What is IoT

The full name of IoT is Internet of Things. It is used to transfer data from one device to another with the help of sensors, software and technology.

Internet of Things means “accessing and controlling devices using the Internet”.

Through Internet of Things, we can access and control devices with the help of Internet.

In other words, “All those physical devices that are connected to the Internet and which collect and share data. Called IoT.”

In Internet of Things, things means, “All those things connected to the Internet that we use daily in our lives such as mobile phone, smart watch, fan in the house, and car etc.” We can access all these things by connecting to the internet.

IoT is used to speed up work in organizations and industries. Like- to complete the work on time, to provide good service to the customer, and to increase the value of the business in the market.

Advantages of Internet of Things

1- Easy Access

It is much easier to access IOT. With the help of IoT, we can get the necessary information sitting in any corner of the world.

To get the information, we should have the facility of internet connection and smart device. With the help of which we can easily get any type of information.

2- Speed

The speed of transferring data in IoT devices is very fast. These devices transfer data from one device to another at very high speed.

In olden times, 2G and 3G were used to transfer data. Due to which it took a lot of time to transfer data.

To solve this problem, 4G was launched. Due to which it became easier to transfer data from one device to another.

And now 5G is also going to be launched in India. With the help of which it will become easier for the user to transfer data.

3- Cost Reduction

IoT helps in reducing business expenses. Due to which many expenses incurred in business are reduced to a great extent.

With the help of IOT devices, it is very easy to maintain the product and equipment. Due to which one does not have to spend much money on all these things.

4- Automation

IoT gives a great boost to Automation. Automation means tasks that do not require humans to do them. IoT devices are capable of completing any task automatically.

5- Save Time

User’s time is saved in IoT. The biggest reason for this is that IoT is capable of completing any work at a very high speed. That’s why a lot of time is saved. Compared to humans, machines are capable of doing work at a faster pace.

6- Monitor

By using IoT we can easily monitor any kind of thing. Like monitoring air quantity, monitoring temperature, monitoring air quality and monitoring your product etc.

7- Better Lifestyle

IoT has really made people’s lives much easier. Nowadays, almost everyone uses IoT devices. Due to which people are able to complete their work easily.

Like nowadays people use devices like smart phone, smart TV, refrigerator, A.C., and smart car. It made people’s lives easier.

7- Resources Utilization

With the help of IoT, resources can be fully utilized. Because in this, machines are used to complete some work. And compared to humans, machines are able to utilize resources better.

Disadvantages of Internet of Things

It has the following disadvantages-

1- Security and Privacy

The biggest disadvantage of IoT is that there is lack of security in it. That means the user’s data is not completely secure. Most of the IoT devices are connected to the internet.

Due to which these devices can be hacked by hackers. Due to which hackers can easily steal user’s data.


Designing, developing and maintaining technologies in IoT is very difficult and complex.

3- Unemployment

Nowadays, most of the tasks are completed by machines running on IoT. Due to which there is no need for labor work. Due to which unemployment increases.

4- Dependency

In today’s time, almost every person is completely dependent on IOT devices. That means humans cannot do any work without these devices. People from small to big have become dependent on them. Which may prove dangerous in the future.

Applications of Internet of Things

It is used in many places –

1- In Health

IoT is very useful for both patients and doctors. By using it, diseases are detected, the disease is cured and in an emergency, the patient’s life can also be saved.

Apart from this, it is used to monitor medicines, patient and doctor’s data. By using IOT we can check the patient’s pulse rate, heartbeat and fitness.

2-  In Agriculture

IOT is used to do farming in a smart way. It is used in agriculture to check the quality of crops and fields. There are some animals which damage crops so we can monitor these animals easily through IoT.

3- In Smart Homes

Internet of Things is also used to make the home smart. Like- to protect houses, to provide light in the house etc.

Apart from this, by using this technology the user can control other devices in the house with the help of his smartphone, tablet and computer. For example, the user can turn the fan on or off from his mobile. If there is a fire in the house, the IoT device will automatically start sounding the alarm so that you will know immediately.

3- In Smart City

Internet of Things is used to build smart cities. It is used to manage city traffic, to manage waste, to manage water distribution, and to manage electricity.

4- In Wearables

IOT is used in Wearables. Like smart watch, heart rate monitor, fit bits and GPS tracking belts etc. Big companies like Google, Apple and Samsung develop these devices.

Users use devices like smart watch, heart rate monitor, fit bits and GPS tracking belts in their daily life. Most of the wearable devices are quite small in size. Because of which these devices are not able to consume large amounts of energy.

For example fitness tracker. It is a wearable device. Which monitors the physical activities of the human body. Apart from this, this device can easily sense the signals of the human body.

5- Traffic Management

IoT is also used to monitor traffic. There are such tools in IOT. By using which the user can easily monitor the traffic.

Like google map. With the help of this tool any person can easily detect traffic. That means how much traffic is present at which place. Apart from this, IOT is used to detect the speed of vehicles.

That is, at what speed is the vehicle moving? Users who do not follow traffic rules. Their challan is deducted automatically with the help of computer. And reaches their house. This facility is also possible due to IOT.

6- In Banking

IOT is also used in the field of banking. In today’s time, any person can easily transfer his money from one account to another sitting at home.

A person does not need to go to banks to transfer money. And all this has become possible because of IOT. Apart from this, IOT is used for everything from purchasing goods to mobile recharge. That means every type of online work is possible due to IOT.

7- In Surveillance

IOT is used for monitoring places like home, office, airports etc. Due to which good security can be provided to all these places.

So that people and their belongings can remain completely safe. The best example of this is CCTV camera. With its help you can easily keep an eye on people. And can also see their activities.

Types of Internet of Things (IoT) network


LPWANs are also called (Low Power Wide Area Networks). Which is used for long distance communication. Apart from this, LPWANs are used to connect all types of IoT sensors with devices.

Objects can be tracked with the help of LPWANs. Apart from this, events happening in the environment can be monitored.

2- Cellular  Network (3G/4G/5G)

Cellular is a type of network. Which is used to provide better voice call and video streaming facilities to the user. Because of which the user can watch live video easily.

Apart from this, cellular is used to track objects. For example, listening to music in the car and watching the traffic on the road.

3- Zigbee

Zigbee is a kind of wireless technology. Which is used to transfer data from wireless device to wireless device. The user does not have to spend much money in the setup of Zigbee. And Zigbee does not consume much energy. Zigbee has also been created to meet the needs of IoT networks.

4. Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless network. Which is used to transfer data and files from one device to another.

Bluetooth comes in the category of PAN (Personal Area Networks). Which means that Bluetooth network is used to transfer data and files in a limited area. Its range is about 100 meters.

5- Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a type of wireless technology. Which is used to connect the Internet to devices like computers, mobiles and tablets. In simple words, the user can easily access the Internet on his device with the help of Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi technology is meant to cover limited areas. Wi-Fi uses nearby technology and radio signals to connect a device to the Internet.

6- RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

RFID is also called Radio Frequency Identification. Which is used to transmit data. RFID uses radio signals to transmit data. Apart from this, RFID is also used to track real time data.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of IoT?

The advantages are that all the necessary information can be obtained. And the disadvantage is that it leads to more inclination to do wrong things. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet? All the Internet technology in the world.

What is IoT and its benefits?

IoT includes devices such as “smart” appliances, home security systems, computer peripherals, wearable technology, routers, and smart speaker devices. The Internet of Things is transforming many fields, from medicine to urban planning to consumer data collection.

What does IoT mean?

The Internet of Things is a network of physical objects “things,” sensors, software, and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems via the Internet.

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