What is System Planning?

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System Planning is the most important task of developing and working on any system. System Planning provides a path to understand all the requirements of the system, design all its components so that the system works efficiently and effectively.

What is System Planning?

System Planning is the first step in creating or developing any system, because in this step of System Planning, we first plan about the development of any system, how which system will work.

And along with this we collect all the requirements required for the development of the system. System Planning is called ‘System Yojana’ in Hindi.

Steps in the System Planning Process

The process of system planning includes the following 3 steps:

  • Understanding System Requirements: The first step in the system planning process is to understand the system requirements. In this we understand all the problems of the system which the system can solve, such as who will be the users of the system, and how the system will work.
  • Designing the various components of the system: Once all the requirements of the system are understood, the various components of the system can be designed. It includes components like hardware, software, data and network etc. of the system.
  • Ensuring that the system will function efficiently and effectively: The last step in the system planning process is to ensure that the system will function efficiently and effectively when the user uses it.

What tools and techniques are used in system planning?

Systems planning utilizes the best of computer technology, software, data analytics tools, and project management software.

Why is system planning necessary?

System planning is most important because system planning is the first and most important step in the development of any system, only with the help of system planning we enable any system to work efficiently and effectively.

If system planning is not done properly, many problems may arise after the development of the system, due to which the system will not be able to function properly.

What are the requirements of system planning?

The main requirements of system planning are as follows:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Technology Selection
  • Resource Allocation
  • Risk Management
  • Project Governance Rules

How to start system planning?

To start any type of system planning, first clearly determine the main objectives of the organization and understand the needs of the organization.

Then you create your own system planning team and plan the right system for the organization.

Examples of system planning

The best example of system planning is “Website Development Project” given to you in your college.

In this, you first plan how the website should be, which options should be there, and then gather the requirements of the resources required to create it.

Benefits of system planning

System planning has the following benefits:

  • This meets the system requirements.
  • It streamlines system development and implementation.
  • It improves system performance, security and maintenance.
  • This reduces the cost of the system.
  • This increases the lifetime of the system.

Types of system planning

There are following types of system planning:

  • Business System Planning: Business system planning ensures whether the system is meeting the business goals of the organization or not.
  • Information System Planning: Information system planning ensures whether the system meets the organization’s information system needs.
  • Technical system planning: Technical system planning ensures whether the system meets the technical needs of the organization.


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What is system planning?

System planning is an important process for the development and implementation of any system. This ensures that system requirements will be met, system development and implementation will be streamlined, and the system will function efficiently and effectively.

What is system planning called in Hindi?

System planning is called ‘System Yojana’ in Hindi.

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