Who are the best Hindi bloggers of India?

Which are India’s Best Hindi Blogs 2023? This question will probably be in the mind of all the people who are interested in blogging. Everyone must be thinking that there are millions of popular Hindi blogs in the world, out of these, it is a very difficult task to tell which blog is the best.

So now the question comes that how to find out which blogs have got the status of the best Hindi blogs and why it is so. Many people asked me which blogs are the best from your point of view, so I had to think a lot about how to find out which are the best blogs in India.

Then I thought that it has been a long time since I have been in the blogging field, I cannot say that I know all the things about blogging but I can say that yes, I have definitely understood which Who is the best Hindi blog in India, who shares good information and many such things.

So I thought, why don’t I tell you about the best Hindi blog website of India, people who have done very good work in their field and with the help of their expertise, many people got to know a lot and all that too for the benefit of many. Have become role models for them.

What is a Hindi Blog?

Hindi blog is such a blog which is written in Hindi language. The content of these blogs is mainly written for people who understand Hindi language. Although you will see the most number of English blogs on the internet, in such a situation it is not possible to understand all the English blogs by reading them.

People have to know about things, in such a place they can easily find solutions to all their problems only through Hindi blogs. This Hindi blog can be made on any topic. If you also want to provide solutions to people’s problems then you should definitely start a new blog.

Hindi Blog Directory

Hindi Blog Directory is a blog directory that lists blogs in the Hindi language. Blog Directory also provides a platform for bloggers to showcase their work in Hindi. It is designed to help bloggers find their audience and readers to find their favorite blogs.

The website was founded in 2022 by Chandan Prasad Sahoo and is managed by him and his team of contributors.

This is a place where you can find all Hindi blogs, Hindi tech blogs, Hindi fashion blogs and many more. It has been created with the intention of connecting Hindi bloggers together and providing a platform for readers to discover new blogs.

Best Hindi Blogs List in India

Then let us know about such Best Hindi Blog List who gave their valuable time to blogging and took the online blogging industry in India to this stage. Whose contribution will forever be appreciated. Then what is the delay, let’s start.

1). HindiMe (Information in Hindi)

Hindime.net is a purely technical best Hindi blog, whose basic objective is to try as much as possible to make India a digital country. And to make the lives of our people easier with the help of technology. This blog mainly gives information about new technological updates. Its biggest achievement is how to explain these difficult terms to people in very easy language.

Founder/OwnerChandan (founder), Prabhanjan (Co)
Started In YearFebruary 2016
Topics CoveredLatest Tech Information, Blogging, SEO, Money Making, Inspiration, Education
Income SourceAdsense, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Selling

2. MyBigGuide (Never Stop Learning)

The founder of Mybigguide.com Blog is Abhimanyu Bharadwaj. This is a blog which provides all the information related to technology. The best thing about this Hindi blog is that it has many computer related courses which are very beneficial for the students. Their series of videos are very informative.

Founder/OwnerAbhimanyu Bharadwaj
Started In YearJune 2014
Topics CoveredComputer Guides, Tech Information
Income SourceAdsense, Blog Ads, Course Selling

3. Support Me India

Jumedeen Khan is the founder of Supportmeindia.com, the reason behind opening this best Hindi blog is to give people information related to blogging, earning money online and make their lives better. He has contributed a lot to the Hindi blogging world.

Founder/OwnerJumedeen Khan
Started In YearOctober 2015
Topics CoveredMoney Making Online, SEO, Blogging, Business Ideas
Income SourceAdsense, Affiliate Marketing

4. Techyatri

Rahul Rajput is the founder of techyatri.com blog. TechYatri has only one objective – to provide solutions to technology related problems to the people. Their team always tries to provide accurate and complete information to the people. In fact, he has a big role in Hindi tech blogging.

Founder/OwnerRahul Rajput, Shailendra Rajput, Raj Rajput
Started In YearAugust 2020
Topics CoveredTechnology, Blogging, Internet, Money Making
Income SourceAdsense, Affiliate

5. Techyukti

Satish Kushwaha is the founder of this blog Techyukti.com, his motive behind opening this blog was to give technical knowledge to people in very easy language. He also has a YouTube Channel. Along with this, he has contributed a lot to the Hindi blogging world.

Founder/OwnerSatish Kushwaha
Started In YearJanuary 2016
Topics CoveredIT, Computer, Internet, Blogging
Income SourceAdsense, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube

6. Deepawali (Divine Light Of Infomation in Hindi)

Deepawali.co.in is a website that provides various types of information to the people. These Hindi blogs publish articles in many categories. Their main objective is to provide information to the people. He has contributed a lot to the Hindi blog world.

Founder/OwnerPavan Agrawal
Started In YearFebruary 2013
Topics CoveredJiwan Parichay, त्यौहार, Hindi Quotes, Hindi Articles, Inspirational Hindi stories, Hindi Suvichar, Health
Income SourceAdsense

7. Techshole

Ranjit Singh is the founder of techshole.com blog. Techshole is also a Best Hindi Technology Blog in which you are given accurate information about blogging, SEO, Make Money, Application Review, Tech Tips, Computer, Coding etc. The founder of this blog is Ranjit Singh ji who lives in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh. We created this blog in December 2019.

Founder/OwnerRanjit Singh
Started In Year2019
Topics CoveredTechnology, Blogging, Money Making
Income SourceAdsense, Affiliate

8. AchhiKhabar (Spreading Positivity)

Gopal Mishra is the founder of Achhikhabar.com, his objective behind opening this Hindi blog has been to provide valuable content to the people. He likes to tell good stories and quotes to people. He has contributed a lot to the Hindi blogging world.

Founder/OwnerGopal Mishra
Started In YearAugust 2011
Topics CoveredHindi Quotes, Hindi Stories, Self Improvement
Income SourceAdsense, Affiliate, Promotion

9. AchhiGyan (Gyan Ka Vishal Sangraha)

AchhiGyan.com The founder of this blog is Z.A.G Admin, the biggest and special objective of good thinking is to create awareness among people about their mother tongue Hindi. They also aim to create positive feelings among the people.

Founder/OwnerZ.A.G Admin
Started In YearFebruary 2016
Topics CoveredHindi Quotes, Hindi Stories, Self Improvement
Income SourceAdsense

10. Hindi Me Help (Complete information about Internet in Hindi)

Rohit Mewda is the founder of Hindimehelp.com blog. This is a website in which you can know all types of information about Internet. It has been a long time since Rohit ji started blogging. He is always ready to give information in Hindi to the people of India.

Founder/OwnerRohit Mewda
Started In YearSeptember 2014
Topics CoveredBlogging, SEO, Social Media, the Internet, Money Making
Income SourceAdsense

11. Mytechnicalhindi (MTH)

Amresh Mishra is the founder of Mytechnicalhindi.com, he has only one motive behind opening this blog, that how he can give better information to the people in Hindi because there is very little information related to blogging on the Internet in Hindi. He has contributed a lot to the Hindi blogging world. With his hard work, he has brought his blog to this position in a long time.

Founder/OwnerAmresh Mishra
Started In YearMay 2019
Topics CoveredSEO, Blogging, Technology, Jankari
Income SourceAdsense

What did you learn today

I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about Best Hindi Blog 2023 or Best Hindi Blogger in India and I hope you have understood about the Top Hindi Blogs of India.

For your information, let me tell you that in today’s time it is not so easy to rank a Hindi blog, in such a situation you can rank your blog only through high-quality content. Always write blog posts keeping your readers in mind, and include solutions to their problems in your post.

Friends, I want to tell you clearly that the list I have provided here was not given by anyone under any influence. This is an absolutely absolute decision, the best thing is that the list will be changed from time to time so that good and new blogs can get a place in it.

I will definitely try to solve those doubts. How did you like this article on Top Hindi Blogs in India? Do tell us by writing a comment so that we also get a chance to learn something from your thoughts and improve something.


Which is the best blogger?

There is no direct answer to this, here above you will find the list of the best bloggers. You can understand them directly.

Who is the number one blogger in India?

Today, Harsh Agarwal is the number one blogger in India.

Which are the major Hindi blogs?

Major blogs in Hindi include many blogs. There is no single blog which is at the top. Some blogs are first in their category.

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